Welcome to Bock Parkour!

Hesch bock uf Parkour?

Willkommen zu Bock Parkour!

Hesch bock uf Parkour?


Schaffhausen has a Parkour Team! Our community has set itself the goal to advance the sport Parkour/ Freerunning in the area of Schaffhausen. It’s nice to see you visiting our website – have fun exploring!

At the moment we are facing two difficulties. One of them being corona and the other one is us being a young community. Due to the pandemic our activities at the moment are not as usual. So if you want to join us having fun with movement you can but you have to wait a bit for our trainings and other activities to be back up to normal.

The other thing is that we’ve only just begun to build this community. Some systems aren’t perfectly in place yet but we’re developing them as we go. If you want to assist us then feel free to contact us.

And just as Anan Anwar once said.. ‘Parkour is like golf. The better you are the less you have to do’