Beginners course

Why do we have a beginners course?

We have decided to have a mandatory beginners course. There is one main reason to this descision: safety. Safety is something we want to ensure as best as we can for our athletes. And we do so by having this course so everybody has reached a certain niveau before entering the regular training.

Most of the swiss Parkour clubs have no coach for their regular trainings. There is a person who is in charge but mostly for administrative reasons – and in case of emergency. So in our regular trainings and jams we depend on the club members being athletes and coaches at the same time. Anybody can learn frome anyone. We all share the fun of moving together. Even a pro can learn new things from a creative beginner who brings his own style with him. Considering this type of training that’s the main reason we want every active member to be able to train on their own.

An other point is the requests for beginners courses. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to start or if you are a parent who doesn’t want their child to join a non-coach training.. Most beginners will be happy to see that the start is quided. After that you will have your freedom. In case you already started out for yourself and want to skip this part we can make exceptions – but we will have to check if you’re qualified to do so.

What does this course consist of?

This course consist of three parts. Each part is about two hours long and will take place on sunday afternoons. The goal is that you learn the basic movements you need to practice Parkour in general. You will learn to move in all kinds of ways, overcoming objects, climbing and creative movement in general. A wide variety of skills is a great foundation to move safely – you won’t get in scary situations you’ve never been in. And on the other hand it’s the creativity that gives our sport flavour.

In addition to that you will learn about practicing safely in theory. If you stick to two or three concepts you will be able to evade lot’s of injuries. You will get to know yourself and your personal boundaries. You will learn to respect them and in the best case you will be able to expand them.

What does this course cost?

As of the current standing we don’t have a fee for the course itself. But you will have to join our club so the yearly fee of 10 CHF applies. You have to join so we have all the data we need and have control over who is participating. We try to teach this course on a donation based system.

If you don’t want to join our club directly and want to get to know the sport before you sign up for this course then simply contact us and we will get in touch with you to help you.